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Our Company carries an extensive line of plastic barrels and drums, Plastic Buckets, Gallon Containers, IBC’s

We are affiliated with a lot of local and nationwide recyclers, manufactures, distributors of industrial packaging products. We strive to always go the extra mile to supply quality, low cost containers to our customers across North America.

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We are a Georgia based plastic and metal containers supply and distribution company. Our goal is to provide high quality new industrial packaging products to our valued customers.

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Our company offers a range of options when it comes to Tote’s (IBC’s). With our customer choice between a fully new Tote or Remanufactured Tote with a new bottle.

IBC's Reconditioning

For our customers who have their own IBC’s Barrels&Buckets offers Reconditioning services.

Recycling Programs

We will pick up any vendors or manufacturer containers within 48 to 72 hrs of your request.

Why Choose Us

Barrelsandbuckets is committed to helping its clients reach their goals to making a difference.

Supply Chain

Optimize supply chain of the end user of the industrial packaging products. Reduce carbon footprint of the environment.

Expertise At Reconditioning

Reduce costs of the plastic drums, pails or reconditioned(rebottled) IBC‘s Totes. Minimize operational waste streams.

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